Meet The Team

Colorado Tech Team was founded to create a community of tech specialists who love what they do. Together we tackle the technical problems that business owners face during day to day operations. Know that you are in good hands.

Drew Griffiths

Drew Griffiths

Business Tech Coach & Solutions Expert

I'm a polymath and a visionary. I'm always looking to see what the future holds. My skillset lies in understanding many areas of IT, problem solving, web development & programming.


Alyssa Griffiths

Brand Specialist & Project Manager

A pastry artist at heart, but a designer and organizer by trade. Every brand I create and workflow I optimize is backed by a relentless pursuit of growth and proficiency.


Jacklyn Norman

Web / UX Designer & Branding Consultant

With a solid background in visual communications and design, I strive to provide the ideal user experience through empathy, analysis, and brand consistency.


Simon Page

Sales Funnel and Branding Coach

I spent 20 years in the "Cubicle Wars" before leaving corporate America to focus on entrepreneurship and personal development. I now coach business owners on sales funnel strategy and brand story.


Duane McHodgkins

IT Solutions

I have been repairing and upgrading computers for many years. In 2010 I began working on my own. Because the IT market grows so rapidly and is always evolving, I constantly strive to improve and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and information.


Chris Licause

SEO Specialist

I have been helping local businesses get found when and where it matters on Google for over a decade. I enjoy educating business owners about SEO, digital marketing, and driving unprecedented results for their marketing investment.


Selena Thiele

Virtual Admin & Project Manager

I officially became an Office Mercenary in 2016 when I went out on my own in business. My goal is to help solopreneurs and small business owners grow through taking the everyday tasks, like email organization and bookkeeping, off their plate so they can focus on what they do best.


Oliver Blakemore

Digital & Technical Writer

I grew up the shy one, so I got into storytelling and espionage.