SEO and Data Strategies

Is SEO Dead?

SEO is far from dead. In fact SEO has been reborn. Thanks to Google's AI RankBrain.

RankBrain has been around since 2015 and changed the way SEO works. It’s no longer about what a computer thinks is ‘good content’ and is now all about the users.

While Google has always tried to make SEO about bringing quality pages to users, RankBrain has finally been able to achieve that goal. It also means there are more factors than ever that go into an effective SEO strategy. You have to look closely at all your digital tools to inform your decisions, including page ranking, ad results, social media interaction, and overall ROI. 

For example, how did you get to this page? Did it pop up on a Google Search or get an email from us talking about our SEO services? Maybe you landed on our homepage and followed a specific path through our website or found it via one of our social media platforms. No matter how you arrived on this page, it adds a little information to RankBrain, as well as our own analytic tracking systems. By knowing how you got here, where you came from, and where you go, we can refine and improve Colorado Tech Teams SEO strategy.

It's not just about the page ranking anymore, it's how people find you and interact with you. It’s about being in the right place at the right time.

We call it creating your Digital Persona.

You want to get a head start to see what services you may need from CTT?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have a Google Analytics account for your website?
  2. If you have an analytics account, do you use it as a deciding factor for changes on your website?
  3. Do you have a Google Business Account?
  4. Do you have any social media?
  5. Do you have links to information on your website?
  6. Do you offer downloadable content, brochures, or free tools that can help your viewers?
  7. Do you have a place for reviews?
  8. Does your business card compliment your website?
  9. Do you have an email signature with links?
  10. Are you running any marketing campaigns or email campaigns?
  11. Do you add content to your website often?
  12. Is your server secure and do you have an SSL for your website?

If you said no to more than a few of these you’re missing out on a lot of traffic. Without these things, you won’t be able to establish your Digital Persona for Google and other search engines to see.

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